About Us

Tripees.com, founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of Ready Set Trip Private Limited, is an esteemed online travel platform that has garnered recognition in the travel industry. Renowned as the "Most promising tour operator" endorsed by the Global Mice & Luxury Travel Award and listed among the "Top 10 Best Startups in Travel 2020" by Silicon Startup India, the Delhi-based company boasts a strong presence in the inbound travel trade and corporate segment.

Specializing in organizing a diverse range of tours in India, including Family, Romantic, Adventure, Cultural, Religious, hill station, and wildlife tours, Tripees ensures a seamless travel experience through its extensive network. The company's services, available 24/7, encompass travel planning, itinerary design, hotel bookings, ticket reservations, and transportation facilities. Tripees also offers customizable holiday packages tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of its clients.

Meet The Team:

Praveen Verma

Director and Founder

Say hello to Praveen – the solution seeker extraordinaire with a knack for understanding what makes customers and suppliers tick. Leading with a passion for problem-solving, he's the growth guru who knows how to make the profit wheels spin, launch new products like confetti, and build teams so strong they're practically family.

In Praveen's world, being cross-functional is like spinning plates at a carnival: sales, operations, strategic planning, business development, you name it! He's the Sherlock of figuring out what makes consumers tick, the friendly neighborhood hero of customer experience, and the hands-on maestro of crafting the next big thing in product development.

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Karan Chadha

Business Head Holidays Vertical

Introducing Karan, the travel trailblazer on a mission to out-collect passport stamps like a seasoned explorer playing travel bingo. For a whopping 17 years, he's been the multitasking master of the travel universe spinning plates in Product, Operations, Sales, and marketing for elite of travel companies. He's not your run-of-the-mill leader; he's a people whisperer, conducting orchestras of teams over 30 strong, magically conjuring exponential growth and profit showers.

Karan spills the beans on his magical formula: Growth sprouts from the fertile soil of robust processes, space-age systems, and a touch of customer-centric charm. Picture him crafting dreamy holidays for Europe, Africa, the Americas, and far-off galaxies with an interstellar flair. The maestro of miles and the captain of customer delight.

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